Executive Summary



We plan to make in the USA ,distribute and sell engineered Mirco Mass Timber  vehicles, blocks  and various other educational toys.


Our toys will be made for children but we do expect quite a few adult customers buying them for themselves. These customers will be primarily health conscious parents who will be attracted to our  wood with no plastic or off gassing materials philosophy.  These will also be upscale families that make the health of their children their highest priority. We also believe that the Made in USA  commitment will be well received.


Paul and Bobby Larson worked as cabinet makers and model builders for movie sets in Germany for six years . They have taken those skills as well as their commitment to their four children's health and  turned it into  a lifestyle. They decided after a tragic apartment fire to adopt European health standards . Their children only eat no GMO organic food, which is called FOOD in Germany. drink imported bottled water from Italy and wear organic cotton house clothes.  Industrial carbon HEPA filters clean the air in their apartment with 5 phase water filters for washing and cooking. All off gassing foam and plastic was removed from the apartment which led to the development of the toys.  They live what they preach.

Future prospects

Future prospects for the Industry are open ended. The Green/Health revolution is alive, well and growing. Local success of the PCC stores as well as the purchase of Whole Foods is testament to this.


We need a clean retail/light manufacturing space to both cost the toys  and prove the concept.


A successful Kickstarter would focus on the development of the toys and  give backers a vision of what could be done with better funding and support

What We do

Solid American wood


  We use  US sourced solid hardwood in all our base trucks and blocks. No laminates means no hazardous off gassing.  

Engineered Cars and Trucks


 All trucks are engineered in Auto Cad and laser /CNC router cut for exact precision and fit. 

Engineered Blocks


 Engineered wooden blocks give infinite possibilities for construction projects. Solid wooden toys are both safe and durable.  

Factory Showroom


Our plan will be to integrate a showroom/retail with  our  factory giving children the thrill of watching their toys being made. 

Made in USA/ Lifetime Warranty


 All Victory Kids Toys are made in USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty 


Bobbi & Paul Larson


Bobbi and Paul Larson met in Bulgaria 19 years ago and have been together ever since. They now have three beautiful children with their fourth due in  September. 

Business Structure

B Corp.

Victory Kids  will be pursuing B Corp certification.  Our personal mission has been to pursue  the healthiest lifestyle for our family. Part of that pursuit is to help others in our community who have been impacted by their own family tragedies. overcome those tragedies and live better and more stable lives. 

We will take actions  for supporting our community in the following areas and more:

*  Kickstarter  10% of the proceeds of our Kickstarter will go to a charity TBD by sponsors of the project.

*  2-3% of all future sales of the project toys will continue to fuel the efforts of the designated charity.

*  We will train and hire hard to employ workers. This will include immigrants and workers disadvantaged by racism, sexism ageism  or  developmental issues.

*  We will have regular events that will bring parents and children together to engage families and decrease their screen time.

* Our son Christian loves trees and will be heading our Arbor project which will see that more trees are planted than we use in our production.

*  Our goal will be to obtain a wood gasification generator which will produce electricity from our wood waste.